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Paw Print Pedigrees Now Available!

Paw Print Pedigrees Now Available!

We’ve been busy here at Paw Print Genetics. As we celebrated our one-year anniversary on May 1, we had increased our screening of inherited disease mutations to 143 tests in 243 breeds – the most available on the market. One-stop shopping, outstanding customer service and 100-percent accuracy on all tests are the cornerstones of our company. We’re here to help you breed and buy healthier dogs, and to make that as easy as possible.

To that end, Paw Print Genetics has launched Paw Print Pedigrees – a new service for its customers to promote their dogs and the puppies they produce.

The completely free service is offered to anyone who has had a test performed at Paw Print Genetics, and allows you to display those results to the public. Open access to your genetic-screening records illustrates to the world that you’re taking breeding seriously, and gives you an online location to securely store and display your dog's results to potential breeding partners and puppy buyers.

Paw Print Pedigrees does more than just display your dog's genetic results. You can build a profile for your kennel and dogs – link to other health clearances such as hip scores, CERF certifications, generational pedigrees, competitive awards earned, your website, Facebook page or anything else to do with your dog!

Our open database allows the public to search for dogs that have been screened for inherited diseases or to search for breeders and kennels who have used Paw Print Genetics.

Unlike other databases that display test results, Paw Print Pedigrees is a free service provided to clients of Paw Print Genetics. It’s just another way Paw Print Genetics has become your ultimate canine genetic health resource – from basic disease information and genetic counseling to the best customer service and highest standards of genetic screening in the industry, Paw Print Genetics is here to help both breeders and buyers find and produce the healthiest puppies possible.


  • Wayne Ellis on 05/23/2014 9:46 p.m. #

    Signed Up with you last year, when was in Spokane. Showing there and in Cour d alene.
    Reason why I get your newsletters.

    Only two area's We as Siberian Owners need done is Hips and Eyes before any breedings. These have already been done, as Age requirement is allowed, including annual eye exams by ACVO.

    Have passed some of your info onward to business where I work as Show Dog Instructor/Trainer, at My Dogs Gym here in Salem, for their discussions with new prospective clients, coming in for Puppy Starter, Agility, Rally and Dance class'.
    So does that mean::::::: since I see No Need for any tests by you, known at this present time, for My breed; that I don't have Use of Paw Prints Pedigree's?? Awaiting Answer thanks "W"

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