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Paw Print Pedigrees: All About the Breeder Page

Paw Print Pedigrees: All About the Breeder Page

When Paw Print Genetics launched Paw Print Pedigrees, the public-accessible database of canine test results performed at our laboratory, we wanted to give our clients a free platform to promote their breeding program and dogs in a simple, easy-to-use format. The goal was to create a one-stop reference site for our clients that matched the one-stop ease of genetic screening at Paw Print Genetics.

Our breeder page allows you quick access to contact information and permits an overview of your kennel, dogs and breeding philosophies and goals.

As you can see in the picture, down the left side of the page a user has instant access to your name, the badges you’ve earned (currently benchmarks of the number of dogs you’ve tested), your website, phone number and email address. You can then upload a picture of one of your dogs to show the user an example of exactly the kind of dog you are producing.

If you’re trying to promote your kennel, prominently displaying your contact information is of utmost importance. With Paw Print Pedigrees, it’s easy to find and connect with potential puppy buyers and other breeders who take genetic screening as seriously as you do. 

In the middle of the page, you can display the name of your kennel and give details about it – the number of dogs you have or litters you produce, your philosophy on breeding and goals, the type and temperament of your dogs. You have space to say almost anything you want about your kennel.

In the “Tested Dogs” section, each of your dogs is listed with call name, registered name, breed, sex and age displayed. If any of your dogs were panel tested, a blue trophy will appear by their name. This noticeable designation quickly tells others that at the time of testing, this particular dog received screening for all genetic mutations known to occur in the breed and offered by Paw Print Genetics – it’s a quick indicator of which dogs have received the most thorough screening practices.

The Paw Print Pedigrees Breeder Seal

We’ve made it easy for you to display an attractive link on your website to all of your canine genetic health information.

With our Paw Print Pedigree breeder seal, you can show visitors to your website that you take breeding seriously, and have screened your dogs at Paw Print Genetics. The seal features the Paw Print Genetics logo, and directs visitors to your breeder page on Paw Print Pedigrees where they can view all your information and that of each of your dogs.

There are two ways to download the seal. You can copy and paste the code into your website’s html data or you can download the image from Paw Print Pedigrees and then upload it to your site. If you copy and paste the code into your html data, the code is set to automatically direct visitors to your breeder page. If you download the image and upload it to your site, you’ll have to manually create the link to your breeder page using your site’s content management system.

To find your Paw Print Pedigrees breeder seal, look on your breeder page. Under your name will be a button that says “Promote on your Site.” Click that button and a window will open that gives you the two options of implementing the seal on your site.
With Paw Print Pedigrees, Paw Print Genetics has made it easier (and more affordable) to securely display your canine genetic health information and promote your kennel, dogs and breeding program to the world.