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Breed Panel Updates

We have updated a handful of our breed-specific panels to make sure that we are recommending the most important tests for each breed. We recently audited the tests offered for these breeds, examining the frequency in which we are finding carrier dogs for the mutations listed. This was done to ensure we are offering the most relevant tests for each breed in our panel offerings and demote any tests with less carrier frequency.  Any changes in a breed-specific panel are aimed at producing the most cost-effective panel containing only the most critical tests for breeding dogs.

Affected panels include:

American Pit Bull Terrier Panel

American Staffordshire Terrier Panel

Australian Labradoodle Essential Panel

Boykin Spaniel Essential Panel

Boykin Spaniel Supplemental Panel

Lagotto Romagnolo Panel

Miniature Schnauzer Essential Panel

Miniature Schnauzer Supplemental Panel

Portuguese Podengo Panel

Schnoodle Essential Panel

Schnoodle Supplemental Panel

Standard Schnauzer Panel

Vizsla Panel

Wirehaired Vizsla Panel

For orders placed prior to this change, you will get the tests included in the previous panel. If you want any changes to these orders, please contact us at or 509-483-5950. We would be happy to make any necessary adjustments to orders for which we have not yet received the samples.

Goodbye From AvianDx

Goodbye From AvianDx

Dear Valued Customer,

We have made the difficult decision to fly away from our AvianDx® brand, which includes discontinuing our EarlyBird Sex Identification® product. Our website will remain operational so that you can continue to view you birds’ data. However, as of Friday, July 15th, 2022, we will no longer be accepting new orders. We will be shifting our focus to our dog brands, Paw Print Genetics and Canine HealthCheck, as well as our cat brand, My CatScan. If we are currently processing one of your samples, you can still expect these results to be completed and reported with 99.9% accuracy. We are grateful for all the customers who have tested with us over the years, as well as those who helped us in our validation process when we first began. Thank you for choosing The Best for Your Nest.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or 509-483-5950.


Your AvianDx Team

Neogen Opens State of the Art Genomics Lab in Spokane

Neogen Opens State of the Art Genomics Lab in Spokane

The world's largest agrigenomics lab expands for the future of companion animal genetics.

SPOKANE, WA., June 21, 2022 — Neogen® Corporation’s (NASDAQ: NEOG) companion animal genetics business, formally known as Genetic Veterinary Sciences, Inc. (GVS), has announced its move into a new laboratory space in eastern Washington state. Now located in north Spokane, WA, Neogen has doubled its space in comparison to its previous location, growing from 8,000 sq. ft to over 16,000 sq. ft. The need for space has come from the rapid growth in the companion animal health care market and in the understanding of the importance of genomic services.

“As the companion animal market continues to grow, this investment in state-of-the-art genomics infrastructure represents Neogen’s dedication to breeders, veterinarians, and pet owners around the world and providing high quality genomic services,” said Dr. Jason Lilly, Neogen’s Vice President of International Business. “The advancements in this new lab enables provide high quality results, with rapid turnaround, at added value that will help veterinarians, breeders and pet owners alike improve the health and wellbeing of companion animals."

“The additional space allows us to grow up to two to three times our current capacity,” said Catherine Kashork, Site Director at the Spokane facility. “The genetic testing services we offer have a direct impact on the health of dogs and cats globally, and we are thrilled to continue to grow and strengthen our business here in Spokane, where we started 10 years ago. The new laboratory will support more than 50 commercial and technical staff.”

Neogen Corporation acquired Genetic Veterinary Sciences, Inc. in December of 2021, expanding and diversifying Neogen’s companion animal offerings to better serve both current and future customers. The acquisition of GVS provided Neogen with a seventh global genomics laboratory and a third North American facility, which has played a critical role in providing improved services to all of the company’s agrigenomics customers.

Local media and Spokane business members are invited to view the space at an open house on June 29, 2022, beginning at 10:30 am. Contact Madeline Moore for more information about the event.

The new lab and office address for Neogen Corporation as of June 13 is:

10220 N Nevada Suite 300,

Spokane, WA 99218

About Neogen Corporation

Neogen Corporation develops and markets comprehensive solutions dedicated to food and animal safety, operating with the intention to “Every day, protect the people and animals we care about.” The company’s Food Safety segment markets dehydrated culture media and diagnostic test kits to detect foodborne bacteria, natural toxins, food allergens, drug residues, plant diseases, and sanitation concerns. Neogen’s Animal Safety segment is a leader in the development of genomic solutions along with the manufacturing and distribution of a variety of animal healthcare products, including diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, veterinary instruments, wound care, and disinfectants, as well as rodent and insect control solutions.