Privacy Policy Exceptions

Privacy Policy Exceptions
Version 1.0
Last Revised: August 4th, 2021

Paw Print Genetics is committed to providing you the highest quality testing for your dog, while maintaining your security and privacy. We know that there are times you may have someone you would like to be a contact on your account, a co-owner for a dog within your account, or you may want to share results of a specific dog with another Paw Print Genetics customer. We have all of these features and abilities implemented in our system. this document outlines the specific actions that can and cannot be taken with each feature.

  1. Contact: An account-based setting, where the primary account holder allows the contact to order testing on the account, transfer animals in and out of the account, add new dogs to the account, and obtain results on all animals in the account.
  2. Co-Owner: An animal based setting. Co-owners name will appear on animals report and co-owners can request access to results. Co-owners can order testing on a specific dog in the primary account, share the results of the animal they co-own, but they cannot transfer animals from the account (note, permission is required from primary owner).
  3. Sharing: A feature that allows the owner/co-owner to share the results of the animal to another PPG account. When a dog is shared, the person receiving the information cannot make any changes to the dog's information, cancel or order testing, or transfer animal to other accounts.

For additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at: or 509-483-5950.