Clear By Parentage

Cost-Effective Test Results for Your Whole Litter

As a responsible breeder, you work hard to ensure your dogs are clear of inherited diseases found in your breed. You also want the ability to show potential buyers that the puppy they are about to purchase is also clear of disease, but testing an entire litter can be expensive.

Our Clear By Parentage program provides you with an alternative to testing your entire litter. You can now clear your puppies for the diseases already found clear in your dams and sires. All testing must be performed by Paw Print Genetics for the Clear by Parentage program.
  1. Test your Dam and Sire for diseases found in your breed

    Order one or more disease tests, or a breed-specific panel, in your breeding dogs. All tests found to be Normal/Clear in both the dam and sire can be cleared in your puppies.

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  2. Confirm parentage for your litter

    Order Paw Print Parentage™, a DNA test that will verify the dam and sire of your puppies. Puppies with a qualified parentage result are eligible to be cleared by parentage.

    Order Parentage for Your Litter
  3. Order Clear by Parentage certificates for your puppies

    Each puppy with a qualified parentage result is eligible to be cleared for the tests already found to be Normal/Clear in both the dam and sire.

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