What We Offer

Highest Industry Standards and Accuracy

Our laboratory is staffed with expertly trained geneticists, veterinarians, and technicians. We are equipped with the latest testing technologies for mutation and detection and are ISO accredited to provide the highest quality and accuracy in the industry.

  • All mutations offered are based on the published, medical literature
  • All results are reviewed and reported by PhD geneticists and veterinarians
  • Majority of test results accepted by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
  • Diagnostic-grade DNA extracted from a variety of accepted sample types

More Services and Features

Our user-friendly website provides the easiest ordering process and provides more features and information than any other canine genetic testing laboratory.

  • Breed-specific panels ensure you order the right tests for your breed
  • Ability to choose panels or individual tests for your dog
  • Online account management of your orders and your dogs
  • Update or add registration numbers or names to your dogs at any time
  • Easily transfer your dog's information and results to new owners
  • Free access to Paw Print Pedigrees® to show off your kennel and your dogs' testing results
  • Detailed reports and certificates for each dog, always available from your secure account

Outstanding Customer Care

Customer service is one of our top priorities. Call or email us during business hours and you will always reach someone who can help. Geneticists and veterinarians are available to speak with you before, during, and after you get your results.

  • Informed staff available by phone and email to answer questions or help place your order
  • Genetic counseling by geneticists and veterinarians available at no charge before, during or after testing
  • Leftover DNA may be available for future orders
  • Everyday multi-dog and litter discounts
  • Email notifications when samples are received and when results are ready
  • Results available within 14 business days of receiving your dog's sample

Learn About Paw Print Genetics

Paw Print Pedigrees® - Show off your results

Paw Print Pedigrees allows breeders to show the world that they care about the genetic health of their dogs and that they screen for known diseases. It allows puppy buyers to find responsible breeders that perform genetic testing and helps you find like-minded breeders who care about the genetic health of their dogs.