Dewclaw Collection Guidelines

Guidelines for Submitting Dewclaws for Genetic Testing

Paw Print Genetics accepts dried dewclaws for genetic screening if the following criteria are met:

  1. The dewclaw removal is performed in the first 2-7 days of life.
  2. The dewclaws are acquired through the use of easily sterilized tools such as a hemostat and scalpel blade, surgical scissors, or nail clippers.
  3. Steps are taken to ensure that the dewclaw used for genetic testing belongs to a specific puppy.
Note: These guidelines are intended for those who desire early genetic testing on their puppies using otherwise discarded dewclaws. This is not a guide on how or when to remove dewclaws and expert advice should be sought outside of this document.

Sample Collection:

  • Dewclaws should be removed in the first 2-7 days of life as normally done for your breed.
  • Performing one puppy's dewclaw removal at a time, lay the dewclaws on layers of paper towels and place or write a label next to them with the same unique puppy identifier or name that you will use for that puppy's genetic testing (for example, pink girl, blue boy, etc.).
  • The tools used should be cleaned between each dewclaw removal using an alcohol wipe or similar method such as alcohol and a clean wipe or clean cotton ball to eliminate any possible cross contamination of cells between dogs. This is important to ensure pure, uncontaminated DNA from each puppy.
  • Continue removing each puppy's dewclaws and labeling the paper towel on which the dewclaws are drying with each unique puppy identifier.
  • Allow the dewclaws to dry for at least a week.

Sample Submission:

  • Place one of the dried dewclaws it into a small, individual envelope, labeled with the puppy's unique identifying information (i.e. pink girl, blue boy, etc.) and Paw Print Genetics dog identification number which is obtained/assigned after placing your order.
  • Save the remaining dewclaw(s) in another, similarly labeled envelop as a backup or for additional testing in the future as desired.
  • Do not send all dewclaws on a puppy to the laboratory; always save a backup at home.
  • Place your genetic testing order on the Paw Print Genetics website.
  • Once your order has been completed on our website, print your requisition form, review and sign the bottom and send the form in a mailing envelope with your dried dewclaws.
  • Mail your samples back to our lab using one of the following addresses:

    • For shipments via USPS
    • Paw Print Genetics c/o Neogen
    • 4131 N. 48th St.
    • Lincoln, NE 68504
    • USA
    • For overnight and 2 day shipments via (FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc.)
    • Paw Print Genetics c/o Neogen
    • 4131 N. 48th St.
    • Lincoln, NE 68504
    • USA

    • Canadian Shipments
    • Neogen
    • 7323 Roper Rd. NW
    • Edmonton, AB T6E 0W4
    • Canada