Shipping Policy

If desired, Paw Print Genetics will supply our US customers with one complimentary cheek swab kit for each dog ordered. If kits are desired, each order from our US customers will also contain one complimentary return shipping envelope. For US customers who did not upgrade the shipping, this return envelope will also include prepaid first class shipping. For US customers who have upgraded their shipping, the return envelope will include prepaid shipping for either priority or express shipping as paid for by the customer.

Any additional kits and shipping envelopes are the responsibility of the customer. Canadian customers may request kits during the order process, but the cost of shipping is the responsibility of the customer. In addition, all international customers will be required to return their swabs to our laboratory at their cost.

Expedited shipping will not be refunded or credited once kits have been shipped. Paw Print Genetics is not responsible for shipping delays caused by the United States Postal Service.

International Orders

We highly recommend that you use an international courier that will provide you with a tracking number. We also recommend sending any package as a priority so we can receive it in a timely manner. If samples are sent regular mail, it may take up to 4 weeks for us to receive your sample and may cause samples to be compromised. We have found that Purolator, UPS, and FedEx have faster service than Canada Post if you are shipping from the Eastern providences of Canada. Please send this tracking number to us so that we can also track your package. Paw Print Genetics is not able to accept Saturday deliveries. Note: Ground-based services (e.g. FedEx Ground) is prohibited when shipping canine samples internationally. Please send packages via Express/Air services for US customs clearance.

Get a Customs Form

Paw Print Genetics has provided our international clients a US Customs Form to help expedite your order through US Customs. Please print and complete this form and tape it to the outside of the package. This will let the US Customs Office know that your samples are exempt from needing a USDA Import Permit.

In addition, A completed Commercial Invoice is imperative and is the "passport" for international shipments. Some key items to complete on your Commercial Invoice:

  1. Description of Goods should be: Non-restricted, non-infectious canine sample.
  2. Declared value should be no more than $10.
  3. Include the HS code: 3002 9090 90 on the commercial invoice.

The value that you declare on your shipment's US Customs form should not total more than US$10; the value of the swabs themselves, not the price of your order. This will make it easier to get your shipment through customs, and there should not be any duties or taxes applied. If there are any Collect on Delivery (COD) fees associated with your package, Paw Print Genetics will attempt to automatically charge the US Customs duties, fees and taxes plus 3% for credit card transactions to the payment method used to place your order. If we are unable to process this charge, we will contact you to find a suitable form of payment. Sample processing will be delayed until all outstanding balances are paid.