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Paw Print Genetics Launches New Tests

Paw Print Genetics Launches New Tests

After extensive laboratory validation, Paw Print Genetics has launched 29 new breed-specific tests, bringing the total number of tests offered to 115.  This is one of the largest menus offered by any canine genetic testing laboratory in the world.

Among the new tests are diseases that no other laboratory offers in North America are multifocal retinopathy in the American bulldog, myotonia congenita in the Australian cattle dog, neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis in the Australian shepherd and dachshund, hemophilia B in the beagle, copper storage disease in the Bedlington terrier, complement 3 (C3) deficiency in the Brittany, ichthyosis in the golden retriever, inherited myopathy in great Dane, startle disease in Irish wolfhound, and severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) in Russell terrier, just to name a few.

Search our website to find more new tests for your favorite breed or the specific diseases that most concern you.

Paw Print Genetics offers three approaches to testing depending on whether you are screening for potential carriers or testing for affected dogs: 

In the first approach, choose only those diseases that concern you; choose one or more tests.

For the second approach, choose the breed-specific panel that has been carefully selected based on the medical literature for your breed. You will find discounted pricing the more tests you order.

Finally, choose the diseases based on the clinical symptoms in your dog that appear to be an inherited disorder (for example, seizures, abnormal blood clotting, etc.).

Paw Print Genetics continues to offer genetic counseling to any breeder, regardless of the laboratory that performed the testing, to answer questions about genetic inheritance and how to avoid diseases in future litters.  Just call our laboratory and speak to one of our laboratory directors or veterinarians about your concerns.

We look forward to helping you obtain optimal genetic health in your dogs!