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Knowledge is Power in Dog Breeding

Knowledge is Power in Dog Breeding

I was recently contacted by a friend who is looking to buy a new puppy and wanted to make sure that the parents had been tested, and if not, that the prospective puppy had been tested for all of the genetic disease that are found in that breed.  When she asked the breeder if testing had been done, the answer was “no”. When she asked if she could have a sample sent to Paw Print Genetics prior to buying the puppy, the breeder promptly returned her deposit and said that the puppy was no longer available. Although feeling devastated, my friend knew that she was asking the right questions. After all, she is looking for a new family member!

Was the breeder hiding something or just simply afraid of what she might find if she were to do genetic testing?  We won’t know the answer, but I think a lot of what keeps some breeders from testing is fear of the unknown.  What if they find something in their lines?  Will they be stuck with dogs that they can’t sell?  Will others think that they have “bad” dogs?  Actually, doing genetic testing will increase the breeder’s knowledge about their lines and will allow them to avoid producing puppies with genetic-related health problems.  Over and over I hear from breeders who have discovered a disease mutation in their lines from genetic testing and then have used careful breeding to stay disease free and control the outcome of their breeding program.  When it comes to genetic testing, knowledge is power. It really is.

Where can a prospective puppy buyer go to find not only a health tested puppy, but one that has been tested for genetic disease?  One resource is Paw Print Pedigrees.  Whether you are a breeder or in the market for a new puppy, Paw Print Pedigrees is a place for Paw Print Genetics’ customers to display their kennels and show off their dogs that have received genetic testing.  Puppy buyers can go to Paw Print Pedigrees and search for their breeds to find kennels that use genetic testing.   Breeders also can use Paw Print Pedigrees to find like-minded breeders who care about the genetic health of their dogs; sort of a dating site for those that are serious about knowing the genetics of their dogs.

Paw Print Genetics is often asked for referrals to responsible breeders who use our services. We routinely refer them to Paw Print Pedigrees where they can search for their breed and find breeders that have tested their dogs.  If you have not set up your Paw Print Pedigrees page, do it today! It’s easy to get started. Simply click the 'My Pedigrees' tab in the top-right corner of the page (you will need to login if you are not already). From there, you can setup a breeder profile to share information about yourself and your kennel or publish any of your dogs to the site. You can add events, titles or other heath related information to each dog and even upload pictures.  It is easy to do and is a great way to advertise your kennel and show the world that you believe in producing only the highest quality, healthy dogs!  

Photo from Wikimedia Commons