Umbilical Cord Collection Guidelines

Guidelines for Submitting Umbilical Cords for Genetic Testing

Paw Print Genetics accepts dried umbilical cord for genetic screening if the following criteria are met:

  1. The umbilical cord is collected immediately after birth.
  2. The umbilical cord is acquired through the use of easily sterilized tools such as a hemostat and surgical scissors.
  3. Steps are taken to ensure that the umbilical cord used for genetic testing belongs to a specific puppy and has not been licked or chewed by the mother.

Sample Collection:

  • Umbilical cord should be collected immediately after birth. To prevent sample mix-up, perform one puppy's umbilical cord collection at a time.
  • After the umbilical cord has been clamped and cut from the puppy, snip off a 1/2 inch section of umbilical cord from the portion of cord still attached to the placenta.
  • Lay the section of umbilical cord on layers of paper towels and place or write a label next it with the same unique puppy identifier or name that you will use for that puppy's genetic testing (for example, pink girl, blue boy, etc.).
  • The tools used should be cleaned between each umbilical cord collection using an alcohol wipe or similar method such as alcohol and a clean cotton ball to eliminate any possible cross contamination of cells between dogs. This is important to ensure pure, uncontaminated DNA from each puppy.
  • Continue collecting a 1/2 inch section from each puppy's umbilical cord and labeling the paper towel on which the umbilical cord section is drying with each unique puppy identifier.
  • Allow the umbilical cord to dry for at least a week.

Sample Submission:

  • Place the section of dried umbilical cord into a small, individual envelope or small zip lock plastic bag, labeled with the puppy's unique identifying information (i.e. pink girl, blue boy, etc.) and Paw Print Genetics dog identification number that is obtained/assigned after placing your order.
  • Place your genetic testing order on the Paw Print Genetics website.
  • Once your order has been completed on our website, print your requisition form, review and sign the bottom and send the form in a mailing envelope with your dried umbilical cord.
  • Mail your samples back to our lab using one of the following addresses:

    • For shipments via USPS
    • Paw Print Genetics
    • PO Box 28250
    • Spokane, WA 99228-8250
    • USA
    • For overnight and 2 day shipments via (FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc.)
    • Paw Print Genetics
    • 10220 N. Nevada St., Suite 300
    • Spokane, WA 99218
    • USA

    • Canadian Shipments
    • Neogen
    • 7323 Roper Rd. NW
    • Edmonton, AB T6E 0W4
    • Canada