Quality Assurance and Disputed Results

Quality Assurance and Disputed Results Policy

At Paw Print Genetics we take the quality of our genetic testing very seriously and we understand the importance of accurate test results. In the event of a disputed test result, we will work hard with the customer to resolve the situation as best we can to the customer's satisfaction.

In rare circumstances where a test is deemed inconclusive by our laboratory and a conclusive result cannot be reported, a new sample will be requested. In cases in which a new sample is unobtainable to continue testing, these orders may be eligible for a partial in-house credit as determined by the laboratory based on the extent of work completed.

There are a number of reasons why genetic testing results may produce an unexpected outcome and it is important that a reasonable systematic approach be followed to identify the cause of the apparent discrepancy. First, normal results do not exclude inherited mutations in the same gene or elsewhere in the dog's genome that were not tested that may cause medical problems or may be passed on to offspring. Second, because all tests performed at Paw Print Genetics are DNA-based, rare genomic variations in an individual may interfere with the performance of some tests, thereby producing false results. Other reasons for unexpected outcomes are: non-paternity including the potential for multiple sires in a given litter, improper handling of the samples by the client or laboratory, contamination by another dog's cells at the time of sample collection, miscommunicated or undocumented information about previous test results on a dog or its parents, or laboratory testing errors by Paw Print Genetics or another laboratory. If you think your results are in error, please contact the laboratory immediately for consultation and further evaluation.

In order to perform a thorough evaluation and identify the most likely cause of the apparent discrepancy, Paw Print Genetics respectfully requests the cooperation of the customer in performing a complete systematic evaluation. The obligations of each party are listed below.

Paw Print Genetics' Obligations:

  • We will take your request seriously and to look into the circumstances surrounding the receipt, handling, and testing of your sample in our laboratory in a timely fashion. This includes a thorough re-evaluation of the results and reports generated. As always, we will keep your results and the apparent discrepancy completely confidential.
  • If the situation warrants follow up testing, Paw Print Genetics will repeat the testing on the original sample (if available) using an independent method (if available) at our cost and provide you with the results of any additional testing in a timely fashion.
  • If Paw Print Genetics is found to be in error, we will refund you the fee paid for the test in question or provide you a credit for a future order.

Customer's Obligations:

  • The customer will cooperate in the investigation of any disputed results and to keep any apparent discrepancy confidential until the case is resolved.
  • In most situations, customers will be requested to submit previous laboratory testing results from other laboratories (if available) on the dog or the dog's parents. It is essential to have a copy of the original laboratory report as miscommunications and misinformation about prior testing is a common cause of apparent discrepant results. Many situations can be quickly resolved by verifying this information.
  • Customers may also be asked to submit proof of parentage. In some situations close examination of a dog's pedigree and the results of previous genetic testing or clinical examinations of related dogs can clear up the apparent discrepancy. Because there is a possibility of multiple sires in any given litter, DNA-based parentage testing may also be required. Parentage testing can be performed at any laboratory, including Paw Print Genetics, at the customer's expense.
  • In some situations, customers may be requested to submit a new sample (either cheek swabs or blood) for additional testing. However, Paw Print Genetics may also recommend testing the dog's sample at an independent laboratory at the customer's expense to get a second opinion and to ensure that there is no conflict of interest. Paw Print Genetics requests that the results of tests performed at other laboratories be shared with Paw Print Genetics to help us maintain our quality systems.
  • The customer has reviewed Paw Print Genetics Terms & Conditions prior to placing an order and submitting samples to its laboratory. A copy of the Terms & Conditions are found here: https://www.pawprintgenetics.com/terms-and-conditions.