Current Product Price List

As an owner or breeder, you want to ensure the genetic health of your dog or puppy (or future puppies). We do too.

With the potentially large number of diseases that have been associated in your breed, or breeds related to your dog, we don't want to let cost be the reason you decide not to test. The more tests ordered, the greater the discount.

We offer additional discounts during various promotional periods, special events, or if you are part of breeders association or club. Please contact us for information regarding upcoming promotions or if you have questions about a current discount or promotion.

# of Tests Included in Breed Bundle Price per Bundle Included Breeds
2-5 Tests $89.00 Show Included Breeds
6-10 Tests $99.00 Show Included Breeds
11-15 Tests $109.00 Show Included Breeds
16-20 Tests $119.00 Show Included Breeds
21+ Tests $129.00 Show Included Breeds
Discounted Add-on Options to Breed Bundles Price
Coat Color & Traits Panel $40.00
Paw Print DNA Profiling $20.00
# of Individual Tests per Dog Price
1 Test $55.00
2-5 Tests $89.00
6-10 Tests $99.00
11-15 Tests $109.00
16-20 Tests $119.00
21-25 Tests $129.00