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How to Order Genetic Testing on an Upcoming Litter of Puppies

How to Order Genetic Testing on an Upcoming Litter of Puppies

The most common question that I receive goes something like this…”I have an upcoming litter.  How do I take advantage of this great sale before the pups have names and registration numbers?”

Paw Print Genetics provides a lot of services ‘behind the scenes’ that you may not know about.  Here we review our most popular services – all at no extra charge to you!

You can order tests for your pups before they are born!  Place an order with Paw Print Genetics anticipating the number of pups you are expecting. Name each pup a separate name, such as pup1, pup2, etc. Once they are born, you can update each pup with their birth date and sex. You can edit their name and add a collar color or some other identifier like coat color. Now you are ready to send in your samples!

Review all of our samples types because some samples, like dewclaws and umbilical cords will get you results much sooner than waiting on the best time to do cheek swabs in a puppy.

If you over estimated your litter size or just wanted to order extra tests to take advantage of the savings, you don’t need to use the entire order at once!  Your order remains open until Paw Print Genetics has received all of the samples for that order, all samples have been tested and all reports have been issued. As samples are received, we will get started on your testing and will report results as they are completed. Your order remains open and never expires until all testing has been completed.

Once we receive the samples and complete the testing, many decisions are made such as which pups to register, which ones to keep for future breeding and choosing those that are going to loving homes as pets.  Once you decide registered names and obtain registration numbers, contact Paw Print Genetics and we will update your pups with their new information and issue new reports and Canine Genetic Health Certificates, all at no charge to you.

When you tested your pups, maybe you did the minimum required tests for known mutations in the dam or sire.  Now that you are keeping a pup, you want to test for color or perhaps the entire list of disease tests available.  No problem! You can order additional tests on a dog at anytime. All leftover DNA is saved at no cost to you so that you can re-order when it is convenient for you!

You have sold a pup or dog to another breeder and that breeder wants the dog moved into their account at Paw Print Genetics.  No worries! You can share or transfer a dog to another Paw Print Genetics customer.  Contact us at and we can show you how.

These are just a few of the services that we provide ‘behind the scenes’ at no cost to you.  If you have a question, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 509-483-5950.