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Banfield Pet Hospitals Release Health Report

Banfield Pet Hospitals Release Health Report

With the largest network of veterinary clinics in the country (more than 850), Banfield Pet Hospitals is uniquely positioned to collect data on dogs and the ailments affecting them. Their yearly “State of Pet Health Report” has detailed infectious diseases, common conditions and chronic conditions in canine and felines for at least the last four years.

In the 2014 report, the diseases and conditions are broken down individually, with descriptions, symptoms, common treatments and preventative measures given in an overview. The top-five states for each issue are listed as well.

Individual states can be selected from an interactive map, which details the canine population, most common diagnoses, most common names and breeds (likely differing from AKC’s popularity list, which is comprised strictly of registration statistics). For instance, in Paw Print Genetics’ home state of Washington, the average lifespan of a dog is 11.2 years (compared to 11.0 nationwide); the most common diagnoses are dental tartar, overweightness, ear infections, skin infections and skin tumors; most common names are Bella, Max, Buddy, Lucy and Daisy. The common dog breeds in the state: Labrador retriever, Chihuahua, shih tzu, Yorkshire terrier and dachshund.

The full report breaks down health trends in 2013 for both cats and dogs, lists most common modes of transmission, lifestyle factors contributing to infection and much, much more.

Included in the snapshot of information are the top-five states for various infectious diseases:

Giardia: Kentucky, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Kansas

Kennel cough: Kentucky, Utah, Florida, Texas, South Carolina

Canine parvovirus: New Mexico, Texas, Nevada, Arizona, Mississippi

Thyroid disease: Mississippi, Oregon, South Dakota, Colorado, South Carolina

Kidney disease: Arkansas, Iowa, Colorado, Minnesota, Michigan

Lyme disease: New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania

Flea and ticks: Alabama, South Carolina, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia

Heartworm infection: Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama, South Carolina

Arthritis: Iowa, Colorado, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Rhode Island

Obesity: Minnesota, Utah, Nebraska, Nevada, Iowa