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Why do genetic testing in your dog?

Why do genetic testing in your dog?

Bringing a new puppy into the family is a financial and emotional investment.  Once the kids fall in love with that new puppy, there is no turning back, no matter what might happen.  Whether you are a professional dog breeder or simply a careful buyer, genetic testing can help you understand the potential genetic threats to your dog’s health. It will also inform you of potential inherited diseases that may get passed on if you decide to breed. By testing both the dam and sire, this information will help you select the proper mate to produce the healthiest puppies thereby increasing the value of your breeding program.  If both the dam and sire are clear, all of the puppies will be clear by parentage. Thus, those that are diligent about testing will save money over time. However, every time a new dog is brought into a breeding program, that dog should be screened for all known disease mutations to make sure you are not introducing new mutations into your lines.

Paw Print Genetics was founded by geneticists and veterinarians committed to quality genetic testing and outstanding customer service. Paw Print Genetics offers the largest selection of tests for inherited diseases with over 140 disease tests in more than 200 breeds of dog. Although our breed-specific panels offer a comprehensive service at a discounted rate, you can always just choose one or more tests that fit your breeding goals.

Our tests are economical and efficient, while using the highest medical standards in the industry. Every disease mutation is tested with two independent methods, providing 99.9% accuracy to our customers. While your dog's sample is in the lab, you can track your order online and receive updates and alerts as the sample is processed. In addition to having the highest testing standards available, Paw Print Genetics prides itself on having the finest customer support in the industry. When we are in the office during normal business hours, we would be happy to talk with you on the phone or return your email in the same day. On weekends or holidays, we will get back to you within 24 hours to make sure we address your personal situation as quickly as possible.  Finally, Genetic counseling is available to you at no charge Monday – Friday 8am -5pm pst to assist you in making an informed decision about genetic testing and selecting the right tests for your dog or for helping you interpret your results once testing is completed.  It is important to us that you order appropriate tests for your dogs and that you understand the results you receive from us.

Whether you are a breeder, prospective dog owner or someone looking for a highly trained dog for specific service work, hunting or the show ring, understanding your dog’s genetic health will help you make better decisions concerning your dog. Having screened for potential genetic diseasesgives you the confidence needed to invest in, breed and train your dog.