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Can I Order Now and Use the Tests in the Future?

Can I Order Now and Use the Tests in the Future?

Paw Print Genetics offers exceptional discounts and sometimes you want to take advantage of those discounts, but you don't have any dogs to test today.  Keep in mind that your order never expires and remains open until we have received your samples and completed your testing.  Order as many dogs as you want in the same order and send them at your convenience.  We do not hold samples. Rather, we will test them as we receive them, so use some now and some later. The tests will be in your account until you need them. 

Here are some tips on how to order now to take advantage of the sale and use those tests in the future.

1. You must enter a call name, breed, date of birth (month/year) and sex for each dog in an order.  All of this information can be changed when you get ready to use the samples.  Many people call them Dog1, Dog2, etc or Pup1, Pup2, etc.  You can make them all males and put the current month and year as their date of birth. Having them all males with the same birth date helps as a reminder to change this information when you submit your samples.

2. As always, we will ship one kit per dog and include one prepaid return mailer per order for sending your samples back to us (US only). 

3. When you are ready to use your kits, please change the call name to your dog's name on the requisition form and on the swabs.  You can also edit the information on each dog in your account by choosing 'my dogs' and then choose the change the information on that dog before shipping.  If you have already shipped to us, no worries, we will use the information that you changed on the requisition form to make the changes in your account. 

4. You can pre-order on a future litter of pups as well. Once the pups arrive, change the names, sex and birth dates for each pup and send your samples to us.

At any time, you can call us and we will help you make these changes. You can call us toll free at 1-855-202-4889 (US only) or direct at 509-483-5950 with any questions or send us an email at