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Breed Panel Updates

We have updated a handful of our breed-specific panels to make sure that we are recommending the most important tests for each breed. We recently audited the tests offered for these breeds, examining the frequency in which we are finding carrier dogs for the mutations listed. This was done to ensure we are offering the most relevant tests for each breed in our panel offerings and demote any tests with less carrier frequency.  Any changes in a breed-specific panel are aimed at producing the most cost-effective panel containing only the most critical tests for breeding dogs.

Affected panels include:

American Pit Bull Terrier Panel

American Staffordshire Terrier Panel

Australian Labradoodle Essential Panel

Boykin Spaniel Essential Panel

Boykin Spaniel Supplemental Panel

Lagotto Romagnolo Panel

Miniature Schnauzer Essential Panel

Miniature Schnauzer Supplemental Panel

Portuguese Podengo Panel

Schnoodle Essential Panel

Schnoodle Supplemental Panel

Standard Schnauzer Panel

Vizsla Panel

Wirehaired Vizsla Panel

For orders placed prior to this change, you will get the tests included in the previous panel. If you want any changes to these orders, please contact us at or 509-483-5950. We would be happy to make any necessary adjustments to orders for which we have not yet received the samples.