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Genetic Veterinary Sciences, Inc. launches genetic testing for cats and birds adding to their suite of brands

Genetic Veterinary Sciences Inc.®, the leader in canine genetic health, has launched two additional brands, AvianDx™ and CatScan™, to join their Paw Print Genetics® and Canine HealthCheck® suite of animal genetic health testing services. In addition to providing clinical genetic testing for canines, Genetic Veterinary Sciences will now offer services for pet birds and cats.

The first product for the AvianDx brand is their EarlyBird Sex Identification™ test. There are more than 10,000 species of birds throughout the world that are monomorphic, meaning that males cannot be distinguished from females based on physical characteristics. With AvianDx’s EarlyBird Sex Identification test, one can discover the sex of their bird with one simple test. Birds can be tested through a variety of samples that include eggshells, blood and feathers.

The CatScan is a genetic screen of more than 75 inherited diseases and traits commonly found in cats. The CatScan provides the largest menu of tests on the market and follows the published standards and guidelines for genetic testing of canines to provide highly accurate results. Once purchased, customers simply follow instructions on how to collect a DNA sample and send it to the CatScan laboratory with no veterinary visit required.  This testing allows cat owners to gain an understanding of their cat’s genetic health and be proactive with preventative care.

Blake Ballif, the Director of Operations at Genetic Veterinary Sciences, Inc. stated, “Paw Print Genetics is thrilled to now offer the highest quality diagnostic testing and carrier screening with world-class customer support to our feline and avian friends as well as our canine companions. Expanding into these markets has been a request of many of our canine customers and we look forward to helping people better understand the genetics of their cats and birds.”

In addition to AvianDx and CatScan, Genetic Veterinary Sciences, Inc. also owns two other brands, Paw Print Genetics and Canine HealthCheck. These additional brands allow them to continue to raise the standard in companion animal genetic testing, with their outstanding customer support.

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About Genetic Veterinary Sciences, Inc.

Located in Spokane, Washington, Genetics Veterinary Sciences, Inc. was founded in 2012. Genetic Veterinary Sciences, Inc. is dedicated to achieving optimal genetic health for your companion animals by providing outstanding resources for dog, cat and bird owners, breeders, trainers, and veterinarians.

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