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Settlement allows Paw Print Genetics to offer vWD testing

Paw Print Genetics, a division of Genetic Veterinary Sciences, Inc. and VetGen, a Michigan-based company have decided to forego litigation and have reached a settlement related to the patent lawsuit filed by Paw Print Genetics. The patents are held by the University of Michigan and Michigan State University and are licensed to VetGen for canine genetic testing related to von Willebrand Disease. Paw Print Genetics will begin offering testing for von Willebrand Disease, associated with abnormal blood clotting in dogs, in April.

"Paw Print Genetics filed the lawsuit, because we strongly believe that we have freedom to operate and conduct these tests based on two recent Supreme Court rulings that reaffirmed long-standing patent laws regarding routine laboratory methods applied to natural phenomena, like DNA and mutations," said Paw Print Genetics CEO, Dr. Lisa Shaffer. "This settlement furthers our belief that the public should have access and options to affordable and accurate genetic testing for inherited diseases in dogs."

Both Paw Print Genetics and VetGen offer inherited disease testing to identify carriers and affected dogs for a variety of different canine genetic conditions.

"VetGen is delighted that we ended the litigation on favorable terms," said Ramon Royal, President of VetGen, "and we look forward to having a collegial relationship with Paw Print Genetics moving forward to improve the genetic health of dogs."

The terms of the settlement were not disclosed.

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