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Paw Print Genetics Announces Listing by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

Paw Print Genetics, a division of Genetic Veterinary Sciences, Inc. is pleased to announce that customers may request certificates for their dogs from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) for inherited disease testing results generated at Paw Print Genetics. Paw Print Genetics learned in mid-January that their results were being accepted from customers who had requested certificates from the OFA. The OFA has since confirmed that beginning late fall 2013, they began providing certificates to Paw Print Genetics' customers who pay to the OFA $15 per genetic test requested. The OFA is one source that breeders and dog owners use to publicly post their genetic testing and other healthcare results concerning their dogs. As reported in late December, Paw Print Genetics has sought legal protection to their rights to provide genetic testing for certain diseases. In an email sent to Paw Print Genetics' CEO, Lisa Shaffer, the OFA states that they will limit certificates to those diseases that they already have established in their databases and to those diseases that they view as being in the public domain. Paw Print Genetics is pleased that the OFA will provide certificates for most of the disease tests offered to their customers. As one Paw Print Genetics' customer said “This is an important step for Paw Print customers, as we want to use their laboratory and now can make our results public through the OFA”. For questions concerning OFA eligibility for specific diseases, please contact the laboratory at or 509-483-5950.