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Shipping Increase

Dear valued customer,

All of us are experiencing rising costs of so many goods and services. Paw Print Genetics is not immune to the pressures of today’s economy. We are reaching out to inform you that Paw Print Genetics will begin to charge for shipping as of June 1st, 2022. This decision was carefully thought through and analyzed to ensure we kept pricing changes to a minimum. Since opening in 2013, our testing prices have remained the same. By offsetting our shipping costs, this will allow for us to continue to offer affordable options for high-quality testing. You will be able to choose from various shipping options from different couriers to best suit your shipping and budget needs. We will continue to supply our complimentary cheek swab kits to collect samples. As a reminder, you can always obtain your own swabs for sampling. For information and instructions, please see our cheek swab criteria on our website.



Is this a separate charge or included in the ordering process?

When you proceed through the ordering process to shipping, the USPS First Class outbound and return will already be selected. You can upgrade shipping to other carriers and expedited methods with shipping costs included

Will the charges be for each kit or each order?

Your shipping cost is applied to the entire order and you will receive one return shipping label if a return shipping option is chosen

 If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 509-483-5950 or email us at We appreciate your understanding & support.


Your Paw Print Genetics Team