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Happy Holidays from Paw Print Genetics

Happy Holidays from Paw Print Genetics

I enjoy writing this annual holiday message to thank our customers for their trust and loyal patronage throughout the year.  It also gives me a chance to reflect on the year and once again point out that Paw Print Genetics exists because of you, our customers.  Before we started Paw Print Genetics (PPG), we performed extensive market research and identified many gaps not filled by the available laboratories. Some of the ways in which we have filled these gaps include our online case management system within our website that allows you to have all of your genetic testing records in one place, the largest menu of disease, coat color and trait tests in the industry, and our uncompromised quality, accuracy and service in all that we do.

Filling these gaps has led Paw Print Genetics to become the most trusted laboratory and the leader in canine genetic testing in just a few short years.  This continues to demonstrate to me that people are willing to try something new because they want the best for their breeding program.  Once they have tried PPG, many customers have expressed to me that they have found their “home”; a place where they can keep all of their genetic testing records in one place and have a trusted advisor for their genetic testing and questions.

We are grateful to our customers who refer their friends to us, promote us to their breed clubs, and share and like our posts on Facebook.  We view our large base of repeat customers as a huge compliment in that our customers are not only pleased enough with our services to use us over and over again, but are also happy enough to refer their friends to us. We look forward to continuing to serve you and your friends in the new year.

Paw Print Genetics has a strong commitment to giving back to the community and to promoting canine health through education of breeders and dog owners.  Every year, PPG gives thousands of dollars in donations, gift certificates or Canine HealthChecks to breed clubs, service dog organizations, rescues and shelters to help support their programs or provide them with raffle items or prizes.  We are honored to help support the missions of the breeders and organizations that have entrusted us with their genetic testing.

We also have an unwavering intent to provide you with the best testing for the health of your dogs and to support you in your goals as a breeder, veterinarian or dog owner. In 2017, we launched 16 new, highly desired tests, some of which were developed after specific requests by breed clubs.  We have big plans for 2018, including the launch of about 60 additional canine tests and a new product line that you will think is the “cat’s meow”, in addition to new breeder tools on our website and on Paw Print Pedigrees.  Stay tuned to our newsletter and Facebook page for updates throughout the year.

In summary, we are extremely grateful to everyone who has supported Paw Print Genetics in 2017 and throughout the years. We are continuously committed to bringing you our outstanding quality testing, with the highest possible accuracy, at an affordable price to support your breeding program and to help you produce the healthiest dogs for your customers. 

I wish each of you a wonderful holiday season and the happiest and healthiest New Year.

Warm regards,

Lisa G. Shaffer, PhD, FACMG

CEO, Paw Print Genetics