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We have a lot to be thankful for!

We have a lot to be thankful for!

At Paw Print Genetics, we are so thankful for our customers. Without you, we simply wouldn't exist. Without your input, we wouldn't have some of our recently launched programs such as Veterinary Verification reporting, Paw Print Pedigrees and Clear by Parentage certificates, as these, and many other features and tests that we offer have been suggested by our customers.  We see our customers as our partners, suggesting changes, tests and features that enhance your testing experience with us.  

After a report has been issued, I send each customer an email thanking them for their business and for their commitment to healthy dogs.  These take time, but I feel that these emails are important to send. The emails remind me of how important it is to connect with our customers, to reach out to see if there is anything else that we can do for them, to ask if there are ways we can improve our service, and to provide a little reward for being a responsible breeder with a discount on their next order.  Will I be able to keep this up as we grow?  I hope so.  It provides such a great opportunity to get feedback from our customers and I receive such nice notes of support that I share with our team members.

There are many ways in which you can help support us to ensure that we continue to grow and innovate to build a stronger company for you and for the future.  Here is just a few of the ways you can help.

  • Friend referrals. Friend referrals continue to be the number one way people hear about us. Tell all your friends about your experience with us. Encourage them to do genetic testing with Paw Print Genetics.
  • Reminding your friends that not all laboratories are created equal. We may not be the least expensive laboratory, but we have the absolute highest accuracy in the industry. This high accuracy comes with a price. We test each mutation region twice with two independent methods. This 'double check' allows us to have greater than 99% accuracy. No other laboratory has such high standards and stringent quality assurance than Paw Print Genetics. 
  • Keep all your testing in one place. We pride ourselves on one-stop-shopping for all of your testing needs. With the largest menu of disease, coat color and trait testing available anywhere, keeping your testing with us will help ensure a stronger future. Our online account management system is unparalleled in the industry and allows you to keep track of all of your dogs, all of their testing and also allows you to share or move your dogs to co-owners or new owners. No other laboratory provides such an excellent way to keep you organized. 
  • Post on social media. Post on your Facebook page about your experience with us. Tag Paw Print Genetics or one of our directors or customer service representatives on your posts. Recommend us to your Facebook friends and post a 5-star review on our Facebook page. Like and share our posts on Facebook!
  • Share our newsletter. Sign up for our newsletter from our home page or from Facebook. Share our blogs and promote our sales to your friends by forwarding our newsletter and by posting on Facebook by clicking the link in each newsletter. 
  • Promote us to your local clubs. Talk to the clubs that you belong to and promote us to your members. Ask your club to make Paw Print Genetics their preferred testing provider. Paw Print Genetics would be delighted to provide your club's members discounted testing throughout the year. We will even put your club’s logo on our Partner’s Page. We would love the opportunity to be more involved in your club's events. 
  • Encourage your national parent club to partner. Paw Print Genetics is honored to have partnered with many parent breed clubs to provide genetic testing to their members at discount prices. As a preferred provider to these parent clubs, we provide discount testing throughout the year, talk with their health committees about how we can work together to improve the breed, provide resources and support for health clinics, promote and support your national specialty, and we often provide gift certificates for testing to be used as raffle items to raise money. Talk to your national breed club about how we can work together. 
  • Invite us to your health clinic. Paw Print Genetics has participated in many breed-specific and all breed health clinics. If we can't be onsite, we will send the kits needed to collect samples at your clinic. Because of our large menu of tests for more than 200 breeds, there will be something for everyone at even the most diverse, all breed health clinic. We make it easy on you to collect the samples and will also provide discounts to make the testing more affordable for your participants. 
  • Get involved. Paw Print Genetics exists because of you, the responsible breeder that uses genetic testing to improve their breeding program and their breed. Give us your feedback!  How can we improve our service to you? What tests would you like us to include for your breed? Tell us. We want to hear from you!
  • Get connected. Connect with me on Facebooktwitter or email me at  Ask to join our exclusive Facebook page Friends Who Like Paw Print Genetics.  Connect with Paw Print Genetics on Facebook, twitter or email us at
  • Be an advocate. Be an advocate for your breed. Be an advocate for genetic testing. Be an advocate for Paw Print Genetics! With your support and your advocacy, we will be providing genetic testing for many, many years to come.

Please forward this letter to a friend and ask them to forward to another friend. Please post this letter to your Facebook page and ask your friends to share. Tell everyone who will listen to you that you use Paw Print Genetics for all of your genetic testing needs. Together we can keep genetic testing accurate and affordable.

Thank you again for all of your support and for your business. We truly appreciate you.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season,

Lisa G Shaffer, PhD, FACMG

CEO, Paw Print Genetics