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Paw Print Genetics Now Offers Veterinary Verification Option for Your Samples

Paw Print Genetics Now Offers Veterinary Verification Option for Your Samples

Paw Print Genetics understands that our customers know what’s best for their breeding programs and what they need from a laboratory. Our customers are the experts and that’s why we listen closely and ask questions. Doing so has resulted in Paw Print Pedigrees, a free website that Paw Print Genetics customers can use to promote their kennels and show off their health tested dogs. Another feature recently added is our Clear by Parentage program, which allows the breeder to get Clear by Parentage certificates on any pup resulting from health tested, parentage-proven parents. Because our customers asked for it, Paw Print Genetics now offers an optional, Veterinary Verification for samples collected by a veterinarian and submitted to us for testing.

Veterinary Verification is an optional and voluntary program offered by Paw Print Genetics that allows breeders to confirm the identity of their dog by having a veterinarian collect the sample and verify a permanent identifier for that dog (microchip number or tattoo). There is a simple form that must be completed by the veterinarian and this form must accompany the sample to the laboratory.

Having a verified sample may provide puppy buyers extra assurance that the test results they receive belong to the correct dog. There is no additional charge from Paw Print Genetics to add a veterinary verification to the reports and certificates. However, a veterinarian may charge for collecting the samples on a dog or puppy.  Any sample type that Paw Print Genetics accepts is acceptable for the veterinary verification program.  

For more information on the Paw Print Genetics Veterinary Verification program, please visit our website or contact us. We would be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns.

Veterinary Verification is just one more outstanding service provided to you from Paw Print Genetics. Tell us what you would like to see at or join the discussion on Facebook at Friends who like Paw Print Genetics