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New Tests Added to Doodle Panels

New Tests Added to Doodle Panels

Paw Print Genetics has a history of supporting genetically healthy breeding no matter the breed. With the rising popularity of various doodles and other mixed breed dogs, we created panels for the diverse poos and doodles that contain the most common and important genetic tests from the founder breeds. These panels have become essential components for many breeders as they strive to produce the healthiest puppies possible.

From time to time, we review all our panels to ensure that they contain the most appropriate tests. Tests are selected for the Essential Panel (or just the Panel if there are only a few tests for a breed) based on (1) the frequency that we are identifying a specific mutation in the founder breeds, (2) the severity of the condition, with more severe conditions that should be avoided included in the Essential Panels and (3) the availability of treatments for the condition. Panels will vary among the doodles and poos based on the founding breeds, so it is important to select the panel that best fits your mixed breed dog.

We recently reviewed the panels for doodles, poos and other mixed breed dogs. You can search your breed by clicking here. You may notice some minor adjustments to the panels that you have come accustomed to using. One difference now found in all these panels is the addition of the PRA-rcd4. A mutation in the C2orf71 gene, when inherited in two copies, causes a late-onset progressive retinal atrophy. Most affected dogs will eventually become blind with this condition. By testing dams and sires that are poodles or have some poodle ancestry, breeders can avoid producing affected puppies with this specific type of PRA.

If you have any questions about your breed panels or what has changed, you can reach out to us at or call us toll free at 1-855-202-4889 (US & Canada only, direct line 509-483-5950). Paw Print Genetics is always happy to help answer your questions and assist you with your orders. You can also request genetic counseling after receiving your results should you have questions. Producing the healthiest puppies is your goal and it is our goal too!