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Paw Print Genetics Can Help You Better Integrate Genetic Testing Into Your Veterinary Practice

Paw Print Genetics Can Help You Better Integrate Genetic Testing Into Your Veterinary Practice

Paw Print Genetics has begun a new series of blogs aimed at helping veterinarians integrate genetics into their practice. These blogs help illustrate how the veterinarian might include discussions about genetics during new puppy visits, while helping a breeder with their breeding program, or considering genetic causes in developing a differential diagnosis for symptomatic dogs.

Veterinarians can assist clients in receiving genetic services in several ways. First, the vet may simply provide the dog owner information about testing options and clarify any questions that they might have.  Second, the veterinary staff assists the owner in setting up an individual account and performs the blood draw or cheek swabbing for the customer.  In this case, the genetic results would be uploaded to the customer’s account and the customer would have direct access to the information. Third, the veterinary clinic can set up a master account on the Paw Print Genetics website. Each customer’s dog is entered into the master account as orders are placed. For each dog, there is a field that allows the clinic staff to enter the dog owner’s name and contact information. After testing, the genetic results are uploaded to the clinic’s master account and the staff can then convey the information to the customer.  In this last scenario, the clinic has the ability to not only charge for the genetic testing, but also for their time in obtaining, handling and shipping the samples. Veterinarians may prefer this option because it allows them to receive the information first, prepare a care plan when needed and then meet with the customer and discuss the results and implication to the dog or breeding program.

Paw Print Genetics can assist the veterinary staff in setting up their account and show them the fields that should be filled out on each dog to help the clinic manage the dogs and the results. Paw Print Genetics is staffed with expertly trained PhD geneticists and veterinarians that are available to discuss your cases with you and can provide useful tips on how to maximize the benefits of genetic testing for your clients.  Paw Print Genetics’ staff can be reached Mon-Fri 8am-5pm Pacific, toll free in the US at 1-855-202-4889 or directly at 1-509-483-5950. Questions can also be submitted after hours at   

Please take a look at all that is offered by Paw Print Genetics, including breed-specific disease testing, genetic testing for color and trait inheritance, parentage testing and DNA profiling.  In addition, we offer a new genetic screen for any pet dog, which is especially useful in mixed breed dogs or adopted/rescued dogs of uncertain backgrounds. The Canine HealthCheck tests for more than 150 inherited diseases and traits found in dogs. After testing, the dog owner and veterinarian can review the results and together develop a care plan to help promote a long, healthy life. Just like with the Paw Print Genetics site, the veterinary clinic can create an account on the Canine HealthCheck site that will house the results for their patients.

We thank you for your interest in Paw Print Genetics. We are here to help you provide the best care for your patients with the latest advances in genetic testing.