Parentage / DNA Profile Testing

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Paw Print Genetics is proud to offer two unique tests to help identify your dog.

Parentage Testing

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Paw Print Parentage™ is a DNA test that can be used to verify the sire of your puppies. The test compares the DNA of each puppy to the dam and potential sire(s). Results will certify or disqualify a sire. Multiple sires can be tested. Results are stored at Paw Print Genetics and can be used for future litter certifications, so that you can re-use your registered dams and sires for future litters, saving you valuable time and money.

*Results are available 3-4 weeks from the time samples are received in the laboratory. Not a breed identification test.

DNA Profiling

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Paw Print DNA Profiling™ is a test that will uniquely identify your dog if lost or stolen. The unique DNA identifiers that match only your dog will be stored at Paw Print Genetics and also deposited in your secure, online account. They can be retrieved at anytime and are stored at no cost to you. DNA profiling provides evidence if the ownership of your dog is ever in dispute or if positive identification is needed. Have peace of mind by profiling your dog today. It is the responsibility of the customer to check with their breed club, their specific registry or with the AKC as to whether DNA profiling from Paw Print Genetics is accepted.

*Results are available 3-4 weeks from the time samples are received in the laboratory.Not a breed identification test.