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A Tribute to Trixie the Wiener Dog

A Tribute to Trixie the Wiener Dog

Today we mourn the loss of one of the founding members of Paw Print Genetics, Trixie the Wiener Dog. Trixie died peacefully on Tuesday, January 19, 2021.  She was a beloved member of our family, our children’s first dog, and made important contributions to Paw Print Genetics (PPG).

Along with being the official ‘spokesdog’ for PPG and adorning our brochures, Trixie provided the samples that we used to do market research of the other companies in the canine genetic testing space prior to launching PPG.  After identifying the gaps in the industry that we thought we could fill by starting PPG, Trixie supplied the first samples used to test our DNA extraction and start the development of our first genetic disease tests.  Trixie’s actual paw print is used in our logo and has become a symbol of PPG, with one of our blog categories even named Trixie’s Paw Prints.

It was fitting that Trixie was a founding member of PPG because she didn’t know she was a dog. Preferring to be with humans rather than our other dogs, Trixie could be found sleeping in my home office while I worked or laying on the couch with us while we watched TV. Once in a while, you would see the ‘dog’ in her, when she would chase and tree squirrels. In her younger years, she could spend all day barking at the squirrels. Usually barking up the wrong tree, the squirrel would escape to play chase another day.

Christmas was especially fun with Trixie, as she liked to open her own presents. Because she would root around looking for her presents under the tree, we would have to put them up higher than her little, short legs could reach. But on Christmas morning, she would tear open her presents with enthusiasm. Tossing the paper and toy aside, she would get ready for the next one, as opening the present itself was much more fun than the actual toy.

Like most dachshunds, Trixie thought that she was as big as her bark; taking on the delivery guy was one of her favorite activities.  She seemed satisfied with her job of barking away the delivery truck or mailman, as they always left because of her ferocious bark! Guard dog was just one of her many duties among squirrel chaser and devoted companion.

Trixie lived several years with IVDD, but controlled with periodic medication and rest so that she never needed surgery. She also survived pancreatitis, had Cushing disease and high blood pressure. Even with all of these conditions, she lived 16 years, 3 months and 18 days. There will never be another Trixie the Wiener Dog. Rest in peace, sweet baby. We miss you.


  • Yolanda Henry on 01/28/2021 2:49 a.m. #

    This was beautifully written. I am sorry for the loss of Trixie and hope you find comfort in her memories. Thank you for sharing her story and thanks to Trixie for playing such an integral part in the development of an awesome company. I hope she is chasing lots of squirrels in doggy heaven.

  • Brenda Johnson on 02/01/2021 12:30 p.m. #

    No mater how long they live, it's never long enough. Dachshunds are simply the best!

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