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National DNA Day 2021

National DNA Day 2021

I founded this company in 2012 with a single vision, to raise the bar regarding canine genetic testing. Since then, Paw Print Genetics (PPG) has tested more than 200,000 dogs and has provided the most comprehensive menu of tests for inherited diseases and traits across more than 350 breeds of dog. We have helped more than 34,000 customers gain access to genetic knowledge to help them improve their breeding program.

Today is National DNA Day – the day we celebrate the successes of the human genome project. The human genome was completed in 2003 and this opened the door to the sequencing of other animal genomes. With knowledge of the dog genome, which was published in 2005, researchers are now able to identify the DNA changes (called mutations or variants) that contribute to hundreds of traits and diseases in dogs.  Once these variants have been identified, we can use this knowledge to develop tests to identify these DNA changes in your dogs.

The unraveling of the dog genome has not only allowed discoveries of single gene mutations but has offered the opportunity to identify and better understand the complexities that exist for some traits and diseases. No longer do we accept that one gene mutation equals one disease for certain conditions. In many situations, we recognize that other genetic variants can modify disease. PPG offers tests to estimate a dog’s risk for certain diseases such as copper toxicosis, collie dermatomyositis, chondrodystrophy with intervertebral disc disease, and Pembroke degenerative myelopathy modifier, which provide increased or decreased risks of disease depending on a dog’s genotype at more than one genetic location (locus).  The interpretation of these genetic risk factors can be complex and that is why PPG always offers genetic counseling to anyone who wants it.

With the benefits of other genomes being sequenced, PPG now offers testing for cats with the CatScan and testing for birds through AvianDx. Much like our product the Canine HealthCheck that tests for more than 250 different diseases and traits in dogs, the CatScan is a comprehensive genetic screen of more than 80 different inherited diseases and traits for cats.  With all of our brands, our breeders experience exceptional customer service, free and available genetic counseling, and continual development of new tests and products.

Celebrate with us the amazing double helix known as DNA and the science that continues to enhance our lives and the lives of our pets.  This blueprint of life continues to bring new discoveries, allows us to better diagnose diseases and allows you to breed healthier pets. As always, if you have any questions about your dog or cat, you can contact us, and we would be happy to speak with you. Happy National DNA Day!