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Hosting a Health Clinic

Hosting a Health Clinic

We often receive the question from clubs, “Can you send us supplies for collecting samples at our show or health clinic event?” The answer is YES. You may have a cardiac or eye clinic planned and would like to also offer genetic testing at your event. If this is something you and your health committee have discussed or are curious about, read on!

We may not always be available to be on site at your event to facilitate swabbing, but we are happy to provide helpful instructions and materials to make genetic testing at your event as paw-sitive an experience as possible.

What we need from you

Please provide us with your event name and/or club name, the date of your event and whether it is an all-breed show or breed specific. Let us know a general number of how many attendees will be interested in genetic testing their dogs at your clinic or event so we know how many items to send.

We will need your name, email, phone number and an address for shipping supplies.

A volunteer or two who can be present to assist customers in filling out their order form and swabbing their dog/s will be needed.

As the coordinator, you will be responsible for managing the materials and collecting the payments. After the event, we ask that you return the samples and order forms, along with any unused materials to our laboratory in the return envelope we provide.

What Paw Print Genetics supplies

Swab kits for DNA collection

Health clinic discount

  •    We will work with you on a special discount that fits your event
  •    A unique discount code will be created and emailed to you to then share and advertise with club members

Health clinic instructions

  •    Customers have the option to pay via cash, check or credit card
  •    Instead of sending cash through the mail, please issue a single check that covers all  cash orders

Copies of Customer Order forms

  •     Customers will fill out their information and their dog/s information and specify which  tests they are ordering
  •     This form includes the special event pricing

Copies of our Customer Take Home forms

  •     This form includes how to access your secure online account and how to view, download and print your dog´s test reports

Promotional Brochures

Tally Sheet for all cash/check orders

One pre-paid padded envelope for returning the samples, payments and unused materials (if mailing within the US)

All documents provided in your package will also be sent via email for you to print more copies if necessary.

Common Questions

Q: Will customers need to place their orders online at the event?

A: No, customers can instead fill out one of the paper Order Forms we provide you. They will need to mark the box ‘Pay with Credit Card’ or provide a personal check made out to Paw Print Genetics for the total amount of their order. Once the samples arrive in our office, we will call each customer who indicated paying with a credit card to place their order online. Samples cannot be received in the laboratory and testing cannot begin until an order has been placed.

Q: Can you send supplies for our event in Canada?

A: Yes. We can ship your materials to Canada, but it will not include a prepaid return label. You and/or your club will need to handle the return shipping costs. Please read through our International Shipping Instructions and download the US Customs Form for expedited processing. Please note, all Canadian orders must be paid via credit card, as we cannot accept a Canadian check.

Q: We will be drawing blood at our event. Can we send blood instead of using cheek swabs?

A: Yes. If you prefer to send blood, please read over our guidelines for submitting whole blood. You will be responsible for providing the EDTA (lavender top tubes) for collection and shipping the samples in a Styrofoam container with cold packs. Please place this container in a cardboard shipping box and ship overnight to our laboratory if possible.

Q: When will I receive the health clinic package?

A: Please reach out to us at least two months before your event date so we can prepare your items. Ideally, we will have your package sent to your address about three weeks prior to your event to ensure you have time to receive and review the items and follow up with any questions you may have. We will send you the USPS tracking information once your package has shipped.

Q: How many swabs kits will you send?

A: We typically ship 30 swab kits, one per dog, for a health clinic. However, this number depends on how many dogs you expect to attend who want testing, so let us know your thoughts about attendance and your event and we are also happy to discuss with you based on our experiences with other clubs.

Again, we want your clinic to be a success and being prepared is a great first step. If you are interested in hosting a genetic testing health clinic or have questions, please email us at We look forward to hearing from you!