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Ten Top Hunting Dogs

Ten Top Hunting Dogs

In celebration of the dog breeds that course the fields, marshes, lakes and mountains during the fall hunting seasons, we’re listing 10 of the best breeds for bringing waterfowl, upland birds, big game and small game to hand.


Labrador retriever: The epitome of the all-around dog, the Labrador can hunt upland fields, works as service dogs in tasks as varied as police work and guiding the blind. However, their true calling is as a retriever in water – first fetching up fishing nets off the coast of Canada and later picking up ducks and geese for waterfowl hunters. Heavy, double coats and webbed feet make them adroit in the water while their disposition and desire to please make them easy to train.

Runner-up – Chesapeake Bay retriever: The only American-bred retriever, the Chessie is a hardy dog that was used extensively by market hunters the Chesapeake Bay area. Their wavy, double coat is typically oily, which makes them perfect dogs for cold-water retrieving. Possessing a strong will, Chessies tend to be one-man dogs that are determined to get the job done.

Upland bird

German shorthair pointer: Fleet of foot and bird crazy, shorthairs are a sleek dog that will ...