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Disease Tests

Additional Disease Tests for Tibetan Terrier

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Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis (Tibetan Terrier Type)
Aliases: Adult Onset Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis, Amaurotic idiocy, Batten disease, NCL
Progressive Retinal Atrophy, PRA3 (Tibetan Terrier and Spaniel Type)
Aliases: Progressive Retinal Atrophy Type III, PRA3
There are additional tests from breeds related to the Tibetan Terrier.

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Available Tests From Related Breeds

The breeds we know today have been selectively bred for from a few common ancestors. Breeds that were derived from common ancestors constitute a breed group. Because a breed group is genetically related, mutations and diseases in ancestors or within a breed put all breeds within that group at risk for the same inherited disorders. Therefore, we have provided you the diseases that occur in common ancestors and related breeds so that you can decide whether you wish to also exclude these diseases in your dog.
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Hemophilia B (Lhasa Apso Type)
Aliases: Christmas disease, Factor IX deficiency
Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Golden Retriever 1
Aliases: GR-PRA1, GR1-PRA

Coat Color and Trait Tests

Paw Print Genetics offers testing for common coat colors and traits. Some genes have more than one mutation, such as those genes involved in Agouti and determining a brown coat color. The tests for those variants have been combined for simplicity in ordering. To learn more, just click any of the coat color or trait names below.