Your Canine Genetic Health Resource

Optimal genetic health for your dog
whether breeding or buying.

Promote Healthy Dogs

Paw Print Pedigrees allows breeders to show the world that they care about the genetic health of their dogs and that they screen for known diseases. It allows buyers to find responsible breeders that perform genetic testing on their dogs.

Genetic screening gives you the knowledge to:
  • Optimally select your breeding pairs to produce healthy puppies.
  • Increase the value of your breeding program.
  • Provide a cost-effective investment in the health of your puppies.
  • Breed to avoid known diseases and remove them from your breeding lines.
  • Provide peace of mind and confidence for buyers by providing a Canine Genetic Health Certificate™ from Paw Print Genetics.

Participating Breeders


Breeders must test their dogs through Paw Print Genetics and may choose to display their dogs' genetic screening results.

Program Benefits:

Participating breeders will increase the value of their breeding programs through:

  • Optimally selecting their dams and sires to avoid producing unhealthy puppies.
  • Screening their puppies for possible genetic health threats.
  • Providing Canine Genetic Health Certificates™, available only from Paw Print Genetics, to their buyers.
  • Displaying their dogs' genetic testing results on a public website.
  • Marketing their responsible breeding standards through Paw Print Pedigrees.

Tested Dogs


All dogs displayed in Paw Print Pedigrees have been tested at Paw Print Genetics. Dogs have been tested for one or more diseases and all of the results from their Canine Genetic Health Certificates™ have been voluntarily displayed by the participating breeder on the Paw Print Pedigrees website.

Program Benefits:

By screening dogs for possible inherited diseases, these participating breeders have voluntarily opted to provide you access to their dogs' genetic information. Through careful review of a dog's laboratory results, you can identify those dogs whose risks are lower for possible inherited diseases. Those dogs that have been screened for more diseases have a lower chance of carrying diseases that could threaten their health or that they may pass on to their puppies. Breeders may choose to display other information about the dog, such as titles or clinical testing, by providing links to the dog's information.