About Casey Carl

Dr. Casey Carl is a veterinarian with a long standing interest in the human-animal bond and a strong proponent of limiting animal suffering through preventative medicine. During his veterinary education at Washington State University, Dr. Carl was actively involved in the AVMA Veterinary Leadership Experience; fostering medical related communication, servant leadership, and emotional intelligence within the veterinary community at large. In addition, he was awarded the AVMA Outstanding Senior Veterinary Student award. After 4 years in clinical practice, Dr. Carl decided to make the leap into an exciting and rapidly changing area of veterinary medicine by joining Paw Print Genetics as the Assistant Medical Director in January 2013. Albeit in an indirect manner, this opportunity will allow him to touch many more lives than could be achieved through clinical practice alone. Through the power of genetic testing, genetic counseling, and informed selective breeding, Dr. Carl is excited to have a role in the overall improvement of canine health and the relationship between dogs and the ones they love!